Preparing the Room

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  1. Clean the room as usual by sweeping, dusting, mopping and wiping surfaces.
  2. Remove any plants or precious artworks in the room. If you cannot remove an item from the room, covering it with any material (a cardboard box, plastic or cloth sheet) will block the UVC light. However, this will not block all of the Ozone.
  3. Close windows and doors. This will keep the Ozone inside for maximum disinfection.
  4. Open drawers and cabinet doors to allow Ozone disinfection.
  5. Place Uvlizer in the center of the disinfection area so that the light is not blocked in any direction. It may be useful to place Uvlizer on a table so that the light can reach more surfaces.
CAUTION: Only place the device on a stable, hard flat surface where it cannot fall over during operation

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Manual Operation